If you’re like me there have been plenty of times where you have wanted to throw up your hands and say, “I quit.”

Have you ever worked hard at putting together a plan and lined up help for someone you care about only to have them blow you off? You were driven by caring to help that person and they disregarded your efforts and this hurts. In fact, it really pisses you off!

Did you ever feel like you and everyone else is working harder than the person you’re trying to help? It just burns you, doesn’t it?

You feel this way because you have compassion and you are concerned. Part of being compassionate is also being understanding. Remember, that guy or gal is not pushing you away because they want to. In all likelihood it is the illness, the addiction, that is causing their behavior.

It helps to keep in mind: that illness or addiction or behavior is exactly why you feel so compassionate about helping in the first place. Your love for your person will always be stronger than whatever they are going through.